What Should Have Been: Ikea

I’m so excited, sitting in the passenger seat as you drive us down the A3(M). I’m trying not to show it, but I can’t keep still, I’m grinning like an inane idiot and I’m talking nineteen to the dozen. You’re perfectly aware that I’m ecstatic, and keep smiling to yourself, not really believing it. All we are doing is going to Ikea to get some bits for our house that we move into tomorrow, but I love Ikea, I love you and the fact that we are going to actually live together is beyond my wildest dreams. Of course, you’re excited as well, but your disbelief comes from not believing that I’m truly excited about being with you.

We arrive in Southampton and park up. The gender divide starts now, with me wanting to browse everything and you wanting to be businesslike, going only to the areas we need, selecting what we want, picking it up and getting out of there as quick as possible. We ‘compromise’ on me dragging you around everywhere anyway. You pretend to be cross, but your excitement at tomorrow’s move outweighs your annoyance at the queues, slow moving people and my exclamations of “ooh that’s nice”, and then walking on to the next item. I win you over on the escalator on the way out, when I put my arm around your waist, fingertips sliding just inside your jeans at the opposite hip. I look up, give you the eyes that never fail to melt you, and tilt my chin up ever so slightly. You smile, utter something about being weak when it comes to me, lean down and kiss me. As we pull apart, I tell you I love you, looking into your eyes and smiling. You smile back, tuck my hair behind my ear, and, flushing slightly red, warn me that I’ll be in trouble later.

My eyes sparkle as you turn away to push the trolley off the escalator. We load the car and set off home. This time it’s you excited and edgy, your foot on the gas and your hand on my thigh. I know that when we get home I’ll be bundled indoors whether I like it or not, not that the latter is ever true. It’s just a case of how bad my punishment is going to be, and I can’t wait to find out.


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